Welcome to homepage!

My name is Golubev Alexandr.

I’m a Developer from Moldova. Main Goal of this site is to share some articles of web developing. Also I there is a part of the site that describes my hobbies, Publications, Photos, Travels, etc ....

Also I'd like to describe and publish some info about the projects I took part. Some of them are commercial other governmental and scientific. I was involved in Setting up and dezvolting of the first CERT In Moldova - CERT RENAM(www.cert.md). Also I develop application and projects for Medical Emergence in Moldova(www.urgenta.md) .

The my mind the future of Informational Technologies is in GRID(or other cluster cloud computing) solutions. It is not usefully to use Internet only for sharing information. I take part in National GRID initiative (www.grid.md), if you have any suggestions or you want to start developing in GRID please contact me and I will try to help you as possible.

My goal is to increase my knowledge and to use it in Moldova. I want to make quality of Moldavian soft better and to make it closer to the European level.

On this web site you will be able to find my contact information. Also you can visit  My LinkedIn profile